Knurled cylinder head screw with locked washer internal teeth

Group Sems Screw
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Update Time 2019-06-06


                               SEMS(TAPPING) SCREW 

SEMS combines two normally seperate parts-typically a screw and a washer- into one permanently pre-assembled cost saving component. Washers are hel in place under the screw head by the rolled threads; they will not fall off and are free to rotate .

Advantages :

* Speeds: production by eliminating hand assembly at the work station

* Permanent: Capturing of washer insures that it will never come off or be left off your assembly

* Adapts easily to automated feeding devices and driving tools

* Available in any combination of screw type, head style, washer and thread configuration

* Production Range: M2.5 (#2) ~ M 12 ~ (1/2". Length: 4mm (5/32") ~ 160mm (6")

* ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer & exporter

Coarse threaded Screws with captive curved spring lock washer DIN6900

Examples of screw and washer assemblies

Figure 1. Assembly with screw threaded approximately up to the head

Figure 2. Assembly with screw unthreaded portion of shank