Zinc plated phillips pan head machine screw with rubber ring

Group Sealing Screw
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-06-06
An ordinary screw lacks seal protection, allowing dirt, fluids, gases etc. to infiltrate and damage sensitive devices. Sealing screws provide bi-directional sealing protection to systems where screws are used, to protect them against foreign contaminates, which, with a standard fastening may penetrate or leak and cause damage.

Advantages also include:

1.Seal screws can compensate for tolerance run-out

2.Made from compounds that can resist virtually all aggressive chemical & environmental applications

3.Provide metal-to-metal contact

4.No special installation tools or primers necessary

5.No maintenance/re-tightening needed

Some of the typical applications for our sealing screws include


  Wet wings

Cabinets and enclosures

    Sensors and instrumentation

Internal combustion engines  

  Gear pumps

Fuel tanks    


Gear boxes    

 Air cylinders

Pressure gauges     

  Computer disk drives

Motion control valves     

Missle tanks